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  • Suspended Embeds Thread Technique


    Suspended Embeds Thread Technique

    By CathyinME

    Items needed:

    Prepared candle for embedding

    Glass embed with or without loop

    Invisible thread

    Scotch tape

    MP or HP gel

    Glass thermometer

    If you have never made gel candles before please read here first: http://www.craftserver.com/page/articles.html/_/candle-making-faq-archive/gel-wax-r76

    Pour a thin layer of gel into candle enough to cover sand & hold down any items in the bottom of candle. This helps to prevent air bubbles & secures items in the bottom of the candle. Let sit for 5 mins.

    Pic 1

    Cut a piece of clear thread long enough to loop around embed and to secure to outside of candle. I used gold cord so it can be seen. Do not use gold thread inside the gel.

    Pic 2

    If using an embed without loops, tie a loose knot around the item trying to keep knot underneath pieces of embed to hold in place. Take both ends of thread and tape to outside of container.

    Pic 3

    If using embed with loop, string thread thru loop and position inside candle where you would like it to be. Take both ends of the thread & tape to outside of candle.

    Pic 4

    Now it is ready to pour. For pouring I put a glass thermometer in the candle to let the gel run down into the candle. This helps to reduce some of the bubbles. As you are pouring, slowly bring the thermometer up to the top of the candle. Take thermometer out of candle.

    Pic 5

    Let candle sit for at least 45 minutes. When outside of candle feels cool to the touch, the thread can be pulled out. Grab one end of the thread and slowly pull off the embed and out of the gel.

    Pic 6

    Your candle is finished! If there are more bubbles than you want, put the candle in a sunny window to reduce bubbles.

    Pic 7

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