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  • Abbreviations and INCI information for Soaping/B&B

    The Mod Team

    Notes from archive on abbreviations:

    A - Acceleration

    CP - Cold Process, Cold Processed. Soapmaking method where the soap mixture is mixed and poured at room temperature (more or less).

    CPHP - Crock Pot Hot Soap. Soapmaking method where the soap mixture is cooked in a crock pot.

    CPOP - Cold Process, Oven Process. Soapmaking method where the soap mixture is poured into moulds, which are then placed into the oven and "baked" at very low temperature.

    CSDBHP - An HP method where the soap mixture is cooked in a Closed System Double Boiler.

    CSHP - An HP method where the soap mixture is cooked in a Closed System (for instance, a pressure cooker).

    D - Discoloration

    DH - Rather than Dear Husband, it's Direct Heat. Yet another of the many HP methods, where the soap mixture is cooked in a pot placed directly on the stove.

    DOS - Dreaded Orange Spots. Under certain conditions, yellow/orange spots appear on the surface of natural handmade soaps, and the soap develops a "stuffy" smell, which usually covers the original scent.

    DPG - Dipropylene Glycol ...a mild lubricant generally used to dilute fragrant oils.

    DW, DWCP - Discounted Water Cold Process - an "advanced" soapmaking method, suitable for those who are already familiar with Cold Process soap making.

    EO, EOs - Essential Oil(s). Conventionally, essential oils are natural essences.

    FO, FOs - Fragrance Oil(s). Conventionally, fragrance (or fragrant) oils are synthetic essences.

    GM (soap) - Goat's Milk soap.

    HP - Hot Process, Hot Processed. Soapmaking method where the soap is made as in CP, then cooked using one of the many HP methods.

    IPM - Isopropyl myristate, another solvent, like DPG, with slightly different properties.

    KOH - The chemical name of potassium hydroxide, which is the alkali used to make liquid soap.

    M&P - Melt & Pour, also called glycerin blocks or glycerine base. This is a special commercial base (which is not natural) that can be remoulded with the addition of fragrance and colour.

    MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet - An information sheet written and provided by the manufacturer of a material, containing information on the properties of the material, with particular attention to possible health hazards.

    This is because Material Safety Data Sheets are designed to be used as part of the workplace safety procedures, to protect workers who handle chemical or cosmetic materials from undesired side effects.

    MWHP - Micro Wave Hot Soap. Soapmaking method where the soap mixture is cooked in a microwave oven.

    NaOH - Actually, this is the chemical name of sodium hydroxide, aka caustic soda, aka lye.

    OHP - Oven Hot Process

    Rebatch, rebatching - A soapmaking method where a natural soap base is melted and remoulded after adding extra nutrients, essential or fragrance oils, colours etc. Handmade rebatching is also (improperly) called "remilling".

    Remilling, remilled soap - An industrial soapmaking method where the soap base is ground, remilled and extruded (that is, "moulded") using a mechanical process. Industrial remilling usually implies the addition of synthetic materials, such as, for instance, lubricants to allow the soap mass to "flow" through the machinery.

    SLSa - sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (bubbling surfactant)

    NaOH - sodium hydroxide ("lye" when mixed w/ water), AKA caustic soda.

    KOH - potassium hydroxide (cream/liquid soaps)

    Ingredient Acronyms

    CM, CMP: Coconut milk, coconut milk powder.

    CCO: Coconut Oil

    OO: Olive oil

    PKO: Palm Kernal Oil

    VCO: Virgin coconut oil

    FCO: fractionated coconut oil

    EVOO: extra virgin olive oil

    RBO: Rice Bran Oil

    SAO: Sweet almond oil

    AKO: apricot kernel oil

    PKO: palm kernel

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