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    Pillars are free-standing candles. For information on pillars, and how to make a basic pillar candle click here

    Q: How can I stop my mottled pillars from sweating?

    A. Two tablespoons stearic per pound of wax helps absorb oil. Alternatively, you can just wipe with paper towels and the sweating should stop in a few days.

    Q: How do I make a "rustic" pillar?

    A. The directions for Cold-Pour/Rustic are listed under the heading "Techiques and Ideas" on the left of your screen.

    Q: How do I make a "mottled" pillar?

    A. Add at least .5 ounce of fragrance oil or mineral oil per pound of straight paraffin. Pour hot (180 degrees or higher) into a preheated mold and allow it to cool slowly. Preblended waxes will not mottle because they contain vybar, which prevents mottling.

    Q: How do I make the layers in my pillar tilt?

    A. After you pour your wax in the mold sind something to set it in at the angle you want while it sets up. An easy and inexpensive holder is a large bowl or pan filled with dry beans, rice, sand, etc.

    Q: I just unmolded my candles and they have tiny little pinholes all over. What happened?

    A. When you pour too hot, you can get those holes. Try pouring a little cooler.

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