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    Q: What is a heat gun?

    A. Simple answer, it's a tool that looks similar to a hairdryer and blows very hot air. There are different manufactures and different features. Some have one setting (a set temperature, 6000 - 8000 degree average, and blow strength). Some have multiple settings, like different temperatures, how hard the blow, blowing with or without heat, etc. Usually, the more features and settings, the more expensive. You can pick up a heat gun for around $20 at Wal-mart in the paint section.

    Q: Are heat guns dangerous?

    A. Yes, they can burn you or objects very easily! The inside of the nozzle gets hot enough to glow and it can stay hot for hours afterwards. Use with caution! Don't touch the tip. Pay attention to where you set it. It can melt powers cords, plastic molds, etc. It can even melt the side of candles just sitting an inch or two away. However, there is no need to be afraid of using one, just respect it and use caution.

    Q: What can I use it for?

    A. The uses are untold. Some examples are: heating metal molds, heating glass containers, cleaning metal molds, leveling the wax in the top of molds or container candles, removing excess wax, warming layers between pours and heating tops before repours to help adhesion, helping to disperse air bubbles, shrink wrapping and more.

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