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  • Choosing A Wick

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    Q: What wick should I use?

    A: Cannot stress this point enough ...IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW MUCH WAX YOUR CONTAINER OR MOLD CAN HOLD. In order to help you we need to know the diameter of said container or mold.

    "aroma-lite" (for candles w/ a high FO load)

    cotton (rigid wick)

    paper (wick more rigid than cotton)

    zinc (maximum rigidity; coolest burning wick)

    htp (rigidity close to that of paper; tough to burn recipies w/ multiple additives)

    square (mainly used in more viscous waxes - beeswax, veggie waxes)

    flat ply (from one source, suggested use is for dipped & extruded [what does that mean in candle terms? I know what it means in relation to volcanos] candles, but also referred to as "regular" wick, implying general purpose usage)

    "performa" (viscous waxes such as beeswax & veggie waxes)

    rrd (viscous waxes including soy & single pour blends)

    lx ( _________ ... haven't quite figured out best use, I'm sure it's just a matter of more reading, but if you'd like to fill in the blank, plz do! Smiley; flat braid, coreless)

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