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Just Scents - Salty Sea Air


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Thank you!

ICS is not one of our regular suppliers. We order from JS, C&S, BCN, NG, Candlescience and Cajun - so unless someone who uses our regulars has a suggestion, I may need to add another supplier.

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Jane...let me tell you....in addition to the Salty Sea Air, if you love rich bakery scents...they have them...order some of their Cinnamon Buns( the old version-because you have a choice with these) ...oh my the best Cinnamon Bun EVER and try their Baked Apples and Pink Sugar, Caramel Nut Cluster and try their coffee scents....yumm...their scents are just awesome and would definitely be a great addition to your line and try the Cactus Sea Salt too. I have been in the candle making field for 12 years now and even though I have some awesome scents from Cajun, both Bitter Creeks and the Candlemaker Store, the addition of ICS, Candle Science and Peak as suppliers has definitely made me feel like I have the cream of the crop of scents in my line now!! I am just so tickled thanks to the great folks who post here about these awesome suppliers!! :)

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