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Pet Spray Base?


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Does anyone know where I can buy Pet spray base?

A couple weeks ago I baught a 16 oz sample of Pet Spritz Base from WSP......well I made some sample bottles and gave to some people to try out (a few dog groomers also) and they all loved it.

Sooo...when I went to buy a gallon of it from WSP they are OOS.........just my luck!!

I have searched all over for a supplier that carries it and can't find.

I just want the easy to use base......not really looking to make my own from scratch but was hoping someone here would know where else I could find the stuff.

I don't want to use the people base because I have no idea if it is pet safe and sure don't and won't go that route.

The groomers that tried out the samples said the doggies smelled great and the scent stayed on them for quite a while. I made a few different scents and was so bummed when I went to order a larger quanity it was not there.

Sorry for the ramble.......hoping for some help :) TIA

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Thanks Babyv I did see that and was wondering if it's safe for spraying on a dog.

I'll shoot them an email and find out.

I can find Pet shampoo base without a problem but can't seem to find the spray and have no idea when WSP will have it back in stock. It's says 3/9....well it's waaaay past that date....uggghhh

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I emailed Naturesgarden asking if the Odor Eliminator base was safe to spray on pets and they said yes so I ordered a gallon and it should be here by tomorrow.

This actually costs more(with shipping) than what the pet base at wsp costs but now the expected date they have it in stock is 5/9. I can't wait that long so I'm hoping this one works just as well or maybe even better.

Thanks for the help babyv and sporadic :)

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how was it??? better than the other?? im thinking about buying the pet spritz from rustic essentials. has anyone tried?? and do you just put in f.o. and shake??then done??? thanks for the help.... and what kind of ingredient label do you need on these??

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