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Warm Baked Bread


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I tried Supplies4Candles' Warm Baked Bread FO and it stunk so bad OOB. I decided to put it in wax to see if it improved and it was the worst smelling candle I have ever made! I couldn't even bring myself to burn it so I gave it to a friend to test and it came back to me. I gave it away again and that person smelled it and gave it away too. The candle was given back after that person smelled it. It finally ended up at my Mom's house. She smelled it and promptly passed it on to her neighbor who absolutely loved it. She thinks it smelled like Lemon Merangue. LOL I did eventualy burn the other tester and to me it smelled like dirty feet. It just gagged me. This experience was enough to turn me completely off to any baked bread FO. LOL

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