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JS Caribbean Salsa


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Ok I am in LOOOOVE with this FO from Just Scent but I can NOT get a good HT from it :( The CT is knock yours socks off and I can actually smell it better cold than hot.

Here is my parameters:

9 oz salsa/straight side jar from Filmore

CD12 Wick

1.5 oz FO per lb. of wax

using 415 with a bit of crisco.

I do have a box of CBAdvanced that I haven't tried it in if anyone has and it throws better in that or whatever wax it will I LOVE it so much!!


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Ok I can't get an answer on that one so I did some googling and found that these companies carry the Caribbean Salsa (Slatkin Type) dupe as well:

Cierra Candles

Brambleberry under "Sweet Meyer Lemon"

Early American Candle Co.

The Candle Maker's Store (grade A and B?)


Has anyone tried any of those in 415 and has tips on achieving great HT?

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You said you had a box of advanced if anyone knew if it threw in that...I started with that wax and it makes a great looking candle but HT is horrible- I then switched to CB 135 and really dont know why I went with 464 other than it supposedly had even better HT- still not sure I believe that but have gone to far into testing to switch back again- 464 is a good wax but I am now playing a little with C3 and would also like to compare the 415 you use as well

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I think is where I whimper and whine LOL... yes it is DROOL in B&B but I hadn't been pushing those so much lately. I could do room spray too. I am in pursuit to find something similiar that will throw. I normally do avoid citrusy stuff for this very same reason argh! I was rather hoping a longer cure time would do it but even at almost 2 weeks I am just getting a soft caribbean salsa "glow" in the room. I suppose better than nothing at all but not knocking my socks off.

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Well... I just talked to Miss Becky over at Just Scent, she was nice enough to call me and personally tell me in her testing what results she got with the Carib. Salsa. Yay!

For Soy - she said she used 10%, heated to 180, but added the oil at 165 (she said that was how she was taught years ago, and it has always worked for her however, she is not suggesting that is how we do it, it is just how she does it :) ) I am going to try to tweak a few things, and she also suggested wicking up on that one - so that will be one of my tweaks. So nice of her to call me and hopefully I will get a candle out of this yet!

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