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Wholesale and pricing


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What are you general "rules" for wholesale pricing and do you place minimums on orders?

I'm going to have to raise my prices and am a little stuck. I figured my wholesale cost was twice what it cost me to make. Then retail is between 3-4 times what it cost me to make.

However, I recently changed to 100% soy and all of my oils have gone way up, so I have to price increase. As far as I can figure, things need to go up by .25...

Is your wholesale price normally half of your retail? Do most retailers expect to DOUBLE what they pay for your products?

Any tips helpful. I don't like to raise prices, but at the same time, I can't keep taking the loss either. Oh, I make soy wax melts btw, if that matters :) Even my new retail (although a bit higher than before) is still below Scentsy so I think that's good then. I see lots of ranges of prices for clamshell melts and mine will be at the higher end of it, but I've gone over the numbers several times and keep getting the same costs.

Thanks :)

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General rule is whole sale is X2 your cost, retail is X4 your cost, but again I say general rule.

Most stores are going to charge X2 there price, so thats what I wholesale them for, I like my price at craftshows to be the same as the stores that carry my line.

As far as minimums on orders, thats up to you. I have two stores carrying my candles and I do not have a minimum, but they know to order a few cases when they place a order.

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