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Using FO in oil burners


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As a matter of fact, I asked your original question, not so long ago, on this forum. I learned that using DPG as a carrier base will keep the oil from burning off so quickly and will not change the scent of your FO. In my experiments, using water as a base, I discovered that H2O evaporated much too quickly, leaving only the concentrated oil in the bowl (and mine are glass bowls). The hot concentrated oil would smoke too much and the scent was not so pleasant, not to mention worrying about my bowls cracking!

Not knowing what type of burners all of my customers are using, I think to be on the safe side, DPG is best...IMHO!

Sure hope this helps!

Thanks NewInTheBiz...I picked up the nickname (username) at the flea market where I make and sell soy candles.

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I burn oil in my burners all the time. I don't make tarts, so this works best for me. I usually use a 50/50 ratio of dpg/fo also, but sometimes I have to dilute it further if the fo is a stronger one. I started with using water instead of FO and had not so desirable results too. I've also used an unscented tea light candle, melted that down and added a few drops of FO. That worked ok, but just not as well as the dpg.

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