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Wick holes

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I got some dessert molds with wick holes in them to make votives. On the first attempt, the wick pins I am using would work fine if they would be a tight fit but they're not, so once I poured the wax in, it leaked out the wick hole, even with the wick pin.

So my question is, is there anything (other than mold sealer) that I could use to plug up the hole?


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I have a couple molds in which the wick pin hole is a little bigger then the wick pin itself, the best thing that I have found is mold sealer (I know that you were asking for something different.) With those molds, I take a larger amount of mold sealer then I would normally use, roll it out into a long strip and coil it around the wick pin. I then put insert the wick pin and have to press down on the mold so that it flattens out the mold sealer and gets a nice, closed seal before I pour my candle. I have had molds in which I want to completely cover up the wick hole and not even use a wick pin. In those instances, I've used duct tape....layers. I've found that with duct tape, I usually put several layers.

I did see somewhere, and I can't remember where off hand, of a magnetic mold sealer. Depending on what kinds of molds you are using, you might be able to use a magnet if it is the right size to put on the bottom of the mold to help seal it.

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