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Is there a good glass tumbler distributer in CHICAGO?

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Since it's Libbey glass, have you checked restaurant suppliers in the Chicago area? Many have great prices on Libbey glassware. Here's a link to Libbey's catalog: http://b2b.libbey.com/catalogs/b2b/catalog.html

You could call them to check prices and local suppliers.

Found this place with a location in Chicago:


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I just gave them a call! Now I just need to find a Ecosoya cb135 distributer in Chicago and ill be set!

The closest I found was DPS Morris wax in New Lenox (south outside of the city) just off I-80; you can take 355 to 80 if you are on the west side or northern suburbs. I'd recommend using Rand Mcnally for directions. After the last right turn you just head for the trailer (office) on the dirt lot and pickup at the warehouse. It's not like anything I expected ... but worth the drive to save on shipping. http://www.dpswax.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=SOY


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Guess it depends on what part of the city you are in. From the Far North Side it's about 60 miles one way so @ $4 a gallon (wishful thinking for Chicago) and 20 miles per gallon it would be $24 round trip. Shipping may be a little cheaper and time saving. But if you are going to load up on a couple of cases, or if you wanted to do some sniffing of the FOs they have it would be worth the trip.

From Midway Airport area (Southwest side) it's only about 30 miles one way and worth the trip for me ... even though it takes an hour.

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DPS isn't that far... I say take the trip, and then you will be able to tell if it's worth it or not. Even if you choose to not pick up all the time, it's still good to know where it's at, in cast you need wax and don't have time for a delivery. I also live in Chicago and I hate that we don't have more local suppliers. I was thrilled to see this thread!!!! I sure hope that supplier carries the containers that I use, because I order from lonestar and the shipping is brutal!!!

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