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Faux Bois tapers

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love them! I bought this mold but I'll be making my own in a few weeks because these are too skinny to fit in a standard taper candle holder, so a PITB to burn and likely even more of a headache to try and market to customers. They are beeswax and burning beautifully though.. I overwicked a tad not knowing about the knobs burning evenly and I think I made the right decision for my first go.. no flickering, but flame is a bit large, so smaller next time around and we'll see how those burns go.

Overall, cute little candles! Now the challenge will be hunting down branches that are the appropriate thickness for a standard candlestick, and straight enough... oh how the neighbors will talk, lol:laugh2:





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6", and 5/8" dia- pretty small for tapers but cute! I'm going hunting for better branches with my kids this weekend and I'm going to start a series I think.. need to order more silicone though, I had some I bought over a year ago, opened the lid and went to mix some today to do a small cast of a little owl I have, and it was rock hard in the bottles, lol.. woops. Guess it doesnt have a long shelf life.

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The brown looks great, Luminous. I only make green when someone asks for them. They don't sell very well. I'll make any color if requested, but most people purchase in different shades of brown. That's been my experience anyway. Brown, and the white birch whick requires some additional work.

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