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Director's Chairs on sale at Casual Home


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In one of the many threads I've read on this board someone suggested using a directors chair for shows. I ordered a 24" chair last year and love it. My niece has been helping at my shows so I decided to buy her a chair. Surprised to find them on sale so I ordered two. The 24" sits you slightly above table height. You can see over most displays and you're visible to potential customers. Easy to set up and take down. Simply remove a wing nut at the foot rest and it'll fold almost flat. The replacement canvas are on sale as well.

Just thought I'd pass this on in case you're interested. And no - I am not affiliated with this company. Just sharing a deal.


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Chairs that sit you up high enough to see over your tables are ESSENTIAL to doing craft shows if you don't plan on standing the entire time! I always felt you should try to make eye contact with every potential customer but getting up and down out of bag chairs all day is very tiring. The best thing I ever did for my shows was to get tall directors chairs so I could remain sitting, make contact with all my potential customers and not have to get up for every looky-loo walking past my booth.

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