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I'm blabbergasted!!!!


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Right before Christmas, I bought a pair of retired Dept 56 birch bark tapers for our dining room table at our cottage in the mountains. Just for show. I also collect the Dept 56 birch bark dishes, so they go well... Anyway, I bought the tapers new in original box for $7.00.

Then today, I saw these on eBay:


Nobody better ever light mine! I'll kill them at these prices!!!:shocked2::tiptoe:

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WOW. I just bought a faux bois candle mold, and im planning on making more because the faux bois thing is very on trend.. i cant believe they are selling for that much on ebay. Those are really beautiful though, hand painted?

Yes, they are handpainted.

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I should add...this birch bark pattern is amazing. When you look at the candles or dishware, you can't believe they aren't the real thing. Although Dept 56 is in Eden Prairie, MN, all the birch bark pattern pieces, including the candles, were made in Japan. They did an excellent job. Certain pieces in the dishware now sell for over $500.00, so I'm not surprised that these candles have reached a new height....maybe!

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