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Zucchini Bread from KY or TCS or ?

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I don't like zucchini bread, not eating it or smelling it but we're getting requests for this scent. I ordered the one from KY and The Candle Source and maybe this is as good as it gets, hard for me to tell since it is a scent that is not for me.:shocked2:

Do you prefer KY or TCS or is there another I should test?

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Thanks! I'll just hold my nose when I pour this one. Isn't it the worst to pour fragrances you detest? Just the thought of zucchini bread makes me quesy.

KY's is good. It doesn't smell like zucchini. It just smells like a wholesome bread to me. It does smell nice, I think you'll like it. And it makes an excellent blender, the blending possibilities with this one are endless. Try mixing it 50/50 with Apple Cinnamon for an Apple Cinnamon Bread. I think it's going to surprise you. :)

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