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what kind of closure on your bag??


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I WAS going to say magnetic...but then looked at your gorgous blue patchwork bag and really like the button and the loop. Since I am just starting out making bags...the only one that I have made so far uses the button and loop. I've made 3 of these so far. The one for me is the one I posted a few weeks ago using the cherry fabric. The one I made my daughter...forum was being revamped so I didn't post the pic on the temp forum. Her's had butterflies on the outside fabric...colors were pink and purple with just a brown outline of a small size butterfly all over. Pretty bad when I can't remember the inside fabric...lol. The handles, top and bottom were purple with white dots. She loves it. Took it to work and all of the ladies drooled over it. Tomorrow I will be giving the bag to my oldest grandaughter who will start college at Penn State in the fall. I used 2 different Penn State fabrics and then a blue with white circles for the handles, top and bottom. It looks great. Showed it to her mother on Thursday and she said Casey will LOVE it. I bought the metal buttons that you cover with fabric for all 3...since that's what the lady that wrote the book said to do. And then of course made the yo-yo flower that is behind the button for each bag.

So...after all of that...lol. I think I would find a really nice fabric that goes with each of your Sherran bags and do what I did. Yo-yo flower optional depending on the fabric...a really upscale looking bag I would forget the yo-yo. Or just use the same fabric you used for the bag and then a different color loop.

I did buy a pattern at JoAnn's that has 4 styles of bags. The one that I really like uses a magnetic closure. So that will be something new for me. Of course I have 3 more of the other bags to make before I get to that. Oh...and also my Biscuit Quilt.

I might be the only one out here that doesn't really like zipper bags. I have a really nice bag/purse that I bought and loved...but I stopped using it because the lining is real silky. I have no clue how it is attached to the leather...all I know is everytime I try to close it the lining gets caught in the zipper.

I am having so much fun making these. Hope I don't burn out. lol

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Wow I am glad you are having fun Maggie and I did have a look at the bag you made...very cute! :)

as for the loop on my patch work bag...it will take some getting used to for me having to stop and loop it to close it instead of my magnetic one that closes easier...I tend to not want to use magnetic so I am investigating another way to close this one on my next go round I am making My next Sheeran Handbag with some hand painted fabric and I will try out my new closure idea and see how it funtions...

I seem to like to get into my bag quick and easily but still need it to close when I am setting it down...

thanks for the suggestions!

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