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Testing Soy 464

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This is a small glass candle, about 4 oz.

Soy 464

Wick 44-28-18c cotton

Melted 180

Added scent at 170

Poured at 145

1.50 oz scent from MillCreek - Cozy home

My tops came out perfect! Very happy with that.

The scent is very very light.

As you see in the photo there is some mushrooming

after an hour. Is this a bad thing?


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Wick 44-28-18c cotton

Try a CD.

1.50 oz

Try using 1 oz. pp. Too much FO can make the wax more difficult to burn.

The scent is very very light

Is this a light or heavy scent to begin with? If it's a light scent, longer curing may help.

about 4 oz

What is the inside diameter of the candle at its widest point? The number of ounces is immaterial.

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I am testing 464 for the first time myself in 8 oz and 16 oz apothecary jars (4" max diameter); best guess for wick was HTP 1212 based on my experience with 3 " CD Advanced. Not getting a complete melt pool. I could go one wick size higher but am now leaning towards a double wick set up. Since the mouth of the jar tapers in from the widest diameter, I am now concerned about the placement of double wicks. Only thing I can do is to try it. NO FO or color has been added at this points, so adding those will not make the melt pool any better.

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