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Need some wicking assistance..

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I am making Ice Cream Cones (the cone is a glass container that I am filling with Ky Soy 125, the ice cream scoop on top is made from EcoSoya Pillar Blend. My problem is I have tried CD 12, 14 and 16 and they all melt the scoop over the side of the jar versus down the middle like I was told it would. Then once the scoop is melted down the container (cone) is supposed to burn evenly and that is only occurring with the CD 16's.

I guess my question is what type of wick would burn the scoop down the middle instead of down the sides but still allow the bottom to burn evenly down?


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Hmmm... that is a tough one.

I'm not sure it can be done especially if you use two types of wax, because with the top part, you would want a wick with a larger rate of consumption, so it doesn't drip all over the palce, but then that size wick would be too big for the bottom part and the container would get really hot. I would be VERY cautious with that. Especially with a ceramic container because it might break with too much heat.

Also, when you get down to the bottom if the top does tunnel like you want it to, it may start melting the PB on top and drown your candle.

Not sure it can be done the way you want with soy.

JMO of course. Maybe someone else will have more experience with this type of application.

Maybe you could try it with PB in both bottom and top?

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Newbie brain here so ignore me if I make no sense but is it possible to have a tandem wick? The top part of the wick would be for wax "A" and then the rest of the wick for wax "B". Not sure about the junction, maybe a small overlap held together with high temp wax (super glue?). Trick is getting wick A to ignite wick B.

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