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Rename help please


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Since you guys rocked on the others that I needed help on...here's another.....it's Indigo Breeze type from pier one...can't sell it and Lonestar even got rid of it...but I have almost a pound....so HELP please

Scent description: A duplication of the popular Pier 1 fragrance. A fruity floral blend of sun kissed berries combined with notes of hyacinth and


I even had it a perfect indigo color...LOL

So lets change color & name!!


Candy :cheesy2:

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I really like sun kissed berries, floraberry, and berries and blooms . . .

Garden Berries or Spring Berries was the other that I thought of or if it's more of a floral Backyard Garden or Country Garden would work too. From the scent description I'm picturing a garden with blooming flowers and a berry patch.

As far as color maybe you could adjust your indigo to be more of a blackberry or blueberry color? I get the indigo with the hyacinth and berries and think it's kind of clever.

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I forgot about color
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