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Help what is this?


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My soap has little tiny bumps, even after using a wire cutter instead of a knife.

Is is because I am spliting the liquid in half? I do a 50/50 of Coconut milk and Distilled water. I disolve the lye in the water portion with a cotton ball size tussah silk, then add the CO milk before trace. Could that be it?


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How do you calculate your liquid amount? % of oils? ratio to amount of lye?

I find that if I use too little liquid over all, I get those bumps.

I used SoapCalc you know how it defaults at 38% and 5% superfat I changed them to 33% and 7%.

I used 6oils and a high percentage of organic Cocoa butter (15%).

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Hmm... seems to be enough liquid. We have a couple other things that could be going on. Temperature you soaped at? With 15% cocoa butter, it and any other oils/fats that have higher/highish melt temps can solidify if you soap really cold. You should have noticed it while stirring. If it's not the liquid amount or the temperature, it could be bubbles in the soap. Make sure they are not lye bubble. Last thing, are they white or a lot lighter than the rest of the soap? If so, it could be ricing or lye that precipitated out. Ricing is something that happens, usually due to the fragrance oil. Lye precipitating out happens occasionally, mostly due to being lye heavy. Without actually handling the soap, I can't tell you what is going on.

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Hi there, which oils did you use? I sometimes get that problem with the hydrogenated palm in the blue bags (like from Columbus Foods). It could be stearic.

Avocado, Castor, OO, CO, Palm, Sunflower and Cocoa butter. The Palm is from BB, as well as the avocado, castor oils.

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