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Body paint being really challenging


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perhaps I'm just a newb . . . I mean I barely cook so there's alot I could be missing here & this is my first time playing with bath and body stuff . . . but I just had to try it . . . . and it's a bit of a nightmare!

So here is the base recipe

Edible Body Paint

3 tb. beeswax

3 tb. coconut oil

3 tb. cocoa butter

1/2 tsp. flavoring

food coloring to suit...

Melt the 1st 3 ingredients, stir in the flavoring and color.

Pour into tubes or other containers.

So I bought the ingredients and measured them as best I could considering the the wax was in a block & the cocoa butter had to be microwaved to get out of the container. I was obviously not going to buy something in large quantities for a first attempt.

I noticed that the beeswax was hard to measure in tablespoons so I melted some in a pyrex container, saw that I had 1/4 cup & added the same of the coconut oil and cocoa butter, let them boil & melt down & added 1 tsp high quality vanilla extract (It's a can I do this test after all). Than I added a bright blue wilton coloring. I couldn't get just fd&c (or whatever that abbreviation is!) in town & I saw that that is what they used so I figured it would have less chance of making big skin stains.

So I mix the stuff up and it's beautiful . . . . but it looks and tastes like wax. Vanilla wax.

I added another tablespoon of the cocoa butter & two of the coconut oil & two teaspoons of honey in an attempt to thin it . . . and it worked a little. Now it's brushable wax. A consistancy closer patrolium jelly. It still needs to cool but what am I doing wrong? Any advise?

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OK all. Sorry about the panicy message last night.

I experimented and ended up trying a bunch of things. I did add 2tsp vinager, but it didn't seem to help. What did help was adding another equal part canola oil & whipping it while it cooled. (I should have thought of that ALOT sooner)

So the end result is I have successfully made a paint. It's thicker than I expected, but it brushes on really nice & if it was stored in tubes it wouldn't be noticable. The color is beautiful and rich. It's greesier than I would like, but that should be able to be solved by using something lighter than canola oil (grapeseed?). My skin even feels really good today, although last night the shower water was really beady.

So I consider it an experimental success. There's still pleanty to learn & play with, but it no longer feels like failure.

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I think you mean "fractionated" coconut oil.

But no advice really, except that food color and vanilla extract are not oil soluble, so they don't dissolve in oils and butters. Neither will vinegar (what was the vinegar for?).

You can get lip balm flavors that ARE oil soluble. Not sure what colorants you can find that are oil soluble AND skin and food approved, though. Try contacting a supplier and asking them for suggestions (try Brambleberry, maybe).

Sounds like a fun exercise, though :)

(your base recipe sounds like a decent lip balm - maybe start with that in mind!)

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LOL . . the vinager was a random what do I have in the kitchen that might change something here moment. I didn't think it actually did anything and I tried another batch with grapeseed last night & didn't bother with it. I just figured I should mention it in case I was missing something

LOL . . about the misspelling too. This stuff is way more stressful than it should be . .

As far as coloring goes I spent quite a bit of time researching that. As I understand it, FD&C color is approved for both cosmetic and food use. So I looked for that on packages & actually ended up picking up an oil based candy colorant from the Wilton section at micheals . . . . and then I was at the grocery store and realised that some of the food colorings were FD&C based. I used some of those & didn't notices much difference in performance between the two. The non oil based did spread a little better during the wipping process than before. This might have something to do with the addition of grapeseed oil. I read somewhere its water soluable.

As far as extracts, they were just a "I'm not going to go buy a bunch of lip balm flavorants until I know I have some chance of pulling this off" decision. I definately have been able to blend them so that there's flavor in every lick.

The end result is something that is similar to lip gloss, but also similar to a body butter. It looks a little thicker than expected but is able to be brushed on and spread nicely on skin. I was able to get bright vibrant colors. The paint doesn't seem to dry, but it also hasn't stained my skin. I'm guesssing this is because of the waxiness. The texture is still a little greesier than I'd like, but it does make your skin very soft & silky afterwards. I still haven't played with the fractionalised coconut oil yet (It's not something I can just go pick up a small amout to play with) but I'm considering decreasing the amount of regular type & leaving it because I think the skin temp melt point of the coconut oil may be adding to the spreadableness, but it is also the source of the greesy so there's where my next bit of play time is.

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I reread the info on grapeseed oil and it was talking about one of the protiens being water soluable, not the oil.

How long do I need to wait to know if it's going to seperate? so far everything is sitting nice & fluffy together. It makes sense to me because most paints are pigment suspended in a brushable substance so I don't know how much bonding is actually necessary.

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It's not about the pigments - it's about whatever the colorant is dissolved/suspended in. Water doesn't mix with oils unless you use an emulsifier. Neither do glycerin nor alcohol.

Dunno how long - sorry. Not too long, I'd think.

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