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product costs plus shipping


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I figure the total weight in ounces. Then divide that into the total shipping. That gives me a per ounce cost. Then simply multiply that figure but the NET weight of what I got. This disregards the weight of the packaging but is the easiest I've found.

Example: 10# wax, 3# FO, 100 wicks (weighing 4 ounces in the bag) Shiping cost is $17.96.

Total weight 212 oz.

17.96 divided by 212 = .0847/oz

10# wax = 13.55

3# FO = 4.07

4oz wicks = 0.34

You may have to adjust (up or down) something by a penny ... but it's the closest I've found.


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I do it somewhat differently. I go to my suppliers site and put in say 1 box of wax and get the shipping on that. Then 1 bottle of oil and get that shipping, and the same for each item that I am likely to order.

For example if a box of wax is $80 and shipping is $25 then in my cost spreadsheet I have the wax llisted at $105 / 50 lb.

By doing it this way I know that I am covered whether I am ordering in small or large quantities. Obviously the more you order the cheaper the shipping gets, which means that when I place a large order I gain a little, but on a small order I don't loose.

Does that make sense?

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Yes, as that then give me a per item cost. yes it is definitely more expensive shipping one 50 lb box of wax as opposed to shipping 10 boxes. For example one box here works at at around $25 dollars from one supplier but drops to about $15 if I am ordering 10 or so. From another supplier I deal with that same 10 boxes will only cost about $6 / box as they are local and the first supplier is on the other side of the country.

I do however base my pricing on the most expensive option. That way I am totally covered from a shipping perspective as if I have to pay the higher shipping, that is the cost that I have worked on, and if I get the cheaper shipping, well then we make a little more profit overall.

It's swings and roundabouts I guess. No right or wrong way to do it, just whatever works for you. We also have the added challenge in that we also bring a lot of our bits and pieces in from the States, so we also have that shipping to deal with (which can be unpredictable as it goes on cubic weight rather than actual weight), as well as exchange rates to deal with. At the moment we are way ahead with the $AUD at parity with the $USD, however some months ago the Aussie dollar was at around 0.86c so of course everything cost us more both to purchase and to ship.


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Well it sure does make life interesting, but we do like to doo things a little differently to other chandlers here, so importing stuff from the States makes us quite a bit different to most at least as far as scent goes.

We also bring other stuff across including labels, rusty tin, candle rings, punched tin warmers, organza bags etc. With the $ where it is now it is awesome, but it will eventually change again I guess. I remember being in the US in 2000 when the Aussie $ was worth about 0.54c. Ouch that hurt :)

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