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F.O. / Wick Question

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Hello All!

I'm about 2 months in on testing. However, I'm not so sure I'm clear on F.O and wicking. If you increase your F.O. does your wick size change? And wicks should be changed for each different fragrance? If this is true what about the wick should be changed (size, type..?) I thought the wick & wick size was chosen based upon the wax and candle jar size only. I am still learning the ropes and have become fond of this board. It has helped me out a lot.

Thanks in advance

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If you increase your FO you MAY have to change wick size. You will know if you have to change once you burn your tester.

You DON'T HAVE TO change your wick for each fragrance. But once you burn your tester you MAY NEED to change wicks (either size or type) to get a good throw.

This is why testing is so important.

Now there are some that save time and frustration. They determine the wax, wick and container, pour one tester, and if that doesn't work they automatically go on to another FO. Gets a little expensive buying all those samples but it does save time.

Personally, I'll pour one and then (if I'm really in love with the aroma) do a second or third with different size wicks (usually wick up with cinnamon and vanilla.)

Then there are others that will spend a ton of time and continue to fight with a FO and are determined to MAKE it work by changing wick size, wick type or even the wax!

All depends how much time and money you want to invest.

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I thought the wick & wick size was chosen based upon the wax and candle jar size only.

A candle is a SYSTEM. All its components have to work together. Waxes can change from batch to batch; FOs change from batch to batch and from supplier to supplier. Wick type & size based on the wax & container are starting points. They are not the only two criteria for determining what wick & size will work best in YOUR candles. If you ask each person who uses a particular wax what kind/size wick they use, you will get a wide range of responses. You simply have to discover what works best for you by testing, trial & error. :)

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