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Newbie Soy Candle Maker... Wax Question

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Hello all! I have been lurking around checking things out around here for quite some time now. Wow! I must say you all seem to be sooo very helpful! I am looking to make soy candles as a hobby! I love candles (who doesnt) and I thought it could be super fun for myself and my 2 daughters to just make them and get really creative! So with Christmas just here yesterday, my lovely hubby and 4 kiddos all bought me soy candle making stuff..... They got me a scale, a thermometer, wax, dye, fragrance, wicks and even a little starter kit. However, in my research with wax (which I am still confused about) I have not been able to distinguish the real differences between the different soy waxes. I am a container candle person myself. Not into pillars or anything. I like them in nice glass jars so that is about all I will be doing. Maybe an occasional seasonal tin or something. So the wax my family got me is made by Eco Soya and distributed by Yaley Enterprises. All the box states is it is 4lbs of Microwavable Soy Wax. Anyone know anything about this? Pros/Cons? Likes/Dislikes? I did get a chance tonight to play around and I actually am really pleased with the way they came out. I did about 4 little 5 oz jar candles. I brought it to 175 added my scent (coconut) and then poured it as it started to get cloudy. I did not add any color to it. I actually like that natural milky color, and it was fitting for the coconut scent. I am not sure of the wicks I used.... I will eventually play with color. If anyone could give me any input on this wax it would be awesome!



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Hi, Welcome. I have not used the ecosoya container waxes, so can't advise you on them, but here is a link to the manufacture of EcoSoya http://www.ngiwax.com/aboutecosoya/waxcomparisons.html. Yaley is just a reseller. There is also a forum on that website just for those waxes under "resources". Also a search on this forum should be helpful as well. Enjoy your new hobby. It is addicting!

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That's a nice gift. One word of warning, candle making can become addictive :). I'm not sure exactly which wax you have, as a search of the Yaley site says they have the Ecosoya CB-135, CB-Excel, and CB-Advanced (all container blends).


Here is a link to the IGI website that carries the Ecosoya brand:


Just so you can get a basic understanding of the waxes. Might want to contact Yaley and see if they can tell you exactly the one in your kit. And you can use the search box (located in the top navigation bar) on this site. Just enter the names of the wax and you will get TONS of info. Be warned, however, it will lead to information overload! If you do alot of reading on this board, you will need this link:


It will explain some of the supplier abbreviations used here.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help, as I have never used Yaley products. But these links are good starting points. Hope you have a Happy New Year. Welcome to Craftserver.



Was typing same time as IWantItGreen, LOL! Notice how we both warned about the addiction part :laugh2:

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