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Solid Perfume Question


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I've been looking all over for a recipe/formula for Solid Perfumes. I've seen all sorts of different things some seem very simple some not so simple.

I'm looking for something that I can mix up and store to scent on demand. I would like to use FCO and Bees Wax and eventually I would like to find a vegan friendly wax to use. I'm just having issues with percentages

I found one place that said

20% FO/EO

30% Wax

50% Oils

does this sound right to you guys? And would you use something other than or in addition to the FCO?

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no... thats quite alot of FO/EO.

Most EO should be used cautiously. There is a nice EO/FO calculator here but you'll find use rates from your supplier. With lime essential oil for example I would use no more than .4%.

In perfumes, most skin safe FO's, I'd use around 10. But some, that might be too much. Its really important to check with your supplier.

As for the base, Its a balance of wax and oil/butter... a nice lotion bar recipe will do great!

heres one I like...

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