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Ok is this wrong!!!


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I don't make liquid soap but I do use dr bronners to make foaming hand soap with added silk and jojoba oil.

Can I sell the soap this way along with a foamer bottle with instructions on how to make their own or is that just wrong??...Feels wrong ...but it is the best soap to use that I have found for foaming hand soap.

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Guest Expressive

The whole point of us making these products is so that the consumer will buy a product from us rather than a retail store.

If the consumer has to make their own product, they might as well just gather the ingredients themselves.

There are plenty of places to buy a good foaming hand soap base and bottles so IMO, I would just go down that route and experiment with various products until I came close to the Dr. Bronners or at least something that I could be happy about selling to my customers.

If it feels wrong, don't do it so you can sleep at night.

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