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AH/RE candy cane vs. candy cane


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I just received my order of candy cane fo. The description of it is: this is the quintessential Candy Cane, the one you wish you'd found the first time! It has all the essential notes you are looking for, peppermint and vanilla and that note of "sugar"... when you smell this, you can almost feel the bits of candy in your mouth as you take a bite on a fresh candy cane! I don't smell any vanilla or any note of sugar. Just burn your eyes strong. Could it just be me or did I get the other candy cane (LW)? So I guess my question is, do the 2 of them smell totally different? I just want to make sure they poured the right one into the bottle.

I wanted to ask here first before I called them :)


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You don't always get the full experience of a scent when smelling directly from the bottle. If you didn't use it yet, and don't want to waste materials, you might try diluting in some oil at the same level you'd use in candles and sniff it that way.

Fragrances can smell VERY different in use.

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