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NG's Spiced Cranberry and PB Votives

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We're getting ready to pour NG's Spiced Cranberry and CS's Cranberry Marmalade in Eco PB. I've looked over the thread on wicking the NG Spiced Cranberry and the issues some were having with it. I believe that particular thread had to do with containers though. Since we're doing them in votives, we were going to begin testing the LX14 and CD5 and then go from there. Do we need to begin our testing with a bigger wick because of the cranberry? CS has LX14 to begin testing. :confused:

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Thanks Sharon. We've used the CD 5 and LX 14 in other fragrances with the PB, but just wasn't quite sure how they would do with the Cranberry scents. Since we needed to test the two with these FOs, we decided to test the CD5, LX14, RRD29 and ECO2. We poured yesterday around noon. We usually test after a couple of days, but I couldn't wait. I lite them last night. Let them burn for maybe about three hours. Then again this morning...been burning for a few hours. I'll blow them out and test again tonight and again tomorrow. I'm actually testing a couple more fragrances at the same time (Chardannay and Magnolia & Orange Blossom from NG). So far the CD and LX seem to be the two that are burning consistantly the same in all four fragrances. The RRD29 is burning pretty well, but compared to the others, is just slightly larger melt pool/flame. The ECO is doing well too, but not quite the burn as the CD and LX. So, I'll continue to test to see how they all do to the end. Thanks again Sharon!

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