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Ordering from Candlescience


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Hi all

One of our suppliers here in Aus gets their oils direct from Candlescience and this supplier is a total PITA to deal with. (Those Aussies here will know exactly who I am referring to :P )

I would like to order stuff directly from Candlescience, however despite all my arguments and pleading to them, they still refuse to ship internationally.

Their pricing is less than half what we are being charged locally. I only use about 6 or 8 oils from there and was wondering if there was either someone close to them who could pickup for me and then onship via USPS large flat rate which holds 13 lbs or if no one is close whether it could be shipped to you and then you onship it to me here in Australia. Could pay via paypal or other method of your choice.

if there is anyone who would be willing that would be awesome. Just PM me and we could discuss the details, or PM me your phone number and I will give you a call to discuss.

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Hi Richard

Have Candlescience given you ANY indication that they will eventually ship internationally? I think they did mention it in a newsletter a while ago. If you find out anything about mail forwarders {and if its not too cost prohibitive} can you let me know please. Are all the scents you want above 200 flash point? Hmmm if a mail forwarder was used, maybe that wouldnt be an issue??


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Hey there.

I called Candlescience this morning and despite everything I tried including pleading my case they said they had no plans to ship internationallly. So how come they can do it for you know who, who I really do not want to buy from anymore. They are so damn unfriendly and unhelpful, but really what choice do we have right now.

I currently get oils from NG, Berts and Bitter Creek, so they are loosing business as far as I am concerned. If bloody NCS could actually get their act together and keep up with stock, maybe we would all be a little less impatient with them. In any case even with the shipping most of the oils brought in direct from candlescience would work out between $10 & $15 lb cheaper.

Such is life I guess......

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