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Who has the best fragrance oils for soy tarts?


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I have been making tarts for a month or so now and I have really gotten the hang of it (or so I think - haha). I ordered from Lone Star and Candlescience only. I love the quickness and customer service of CandleScience and most of the scents I have ordered have been good; however, I think some were too weak (which I am sure it is like that with all places). So who has the best and strongest fragrance oils in your opinion? I like the bakery and more primitive scents. Thanks!

I have been reading tons and tons of pages on here, so I thought I would ask you guys one more time if you would not mind asking. And these are for tarts.

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In my opinion, for great bakery scents, check out www.kycandlewaxsupply.com. They work awesome for me. Off the top of my head, I use ...

Homemade Apple Pie

Birthday Cake (I rename this Frosted Cookies - great seller)

Banana Nut Bread

Caramel Pecan

Coconut Cream Pie

Hot Chocolate

Cherry Slush

Icy Peppermint

Lemon Pound Cake

Orange Chiffon Cake

Pineapple Supreme

Toasted Marshmallow

Creme Brulee

Key Lime

Vanilla Lime

Zucchini Bread


Apple Jack & Peel

There's more; if you do a search, you'll find tons of info.

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My question is more about the wax for tarts. I purchased some silicone molds that are perfect for tarts but it seems that the problem with extended scent retention is all about the wax. So is KY back in good graces or has everyone switched to something else?



While the "waiting" period was aggravating, I'll ALWAYS use KY's wax as long as she carries it.

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I just bought the Ecosoya PB Pillar soy wax from Candlescience and it is awesome for tarts (that is all I make right now). So far, it has held scent well - good cold and hot throws. Super easy to pop out of molds...and the tarts set up wonderful! Perfect looking tarts. You can get a 10-lb bag (it is already chipped up which is nice) for $18.99.

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