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Naming and coloring help


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need cute rustic/prim names for the following:

This Old House(TN)- thinking something Farmhouse...and what color?

Christmas Splendor(millcreek)- something like Sleighbells or Sleighride? red? (i already have a green christmas candle, but also have many red ones)

Cozy Home (millcreek)- red again? change the name to reference the apples?

Vanilla Bean Noel- already have a vanilla...maybe Christmas cookies...

any help is appreciated...I am on overload.

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Yeah here goes nothing lol

This Ol' House -- Homestead, Aunt Bea's

Christmas Splendor -- Before I do anything do you want to veer away from Christmas or be Christmasy?

Cozy Home -- Why not just Cozy? If not, what about Tucked In?

Vanilla Bean Noel -- I don't care who makes it, it doesn't smell like cookies. Never has IMO ... just call it Noel for the season maybe ...

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Hi Scented...thanks. I agree on the VBN, it doesn't smell like cookies. Okay, for This old House I came up with Farmhouse Pantry??? still haven't decided on color. Christmas Splendor I do want to be Christmasy...I just think the "Splendor" part is cheesy and I don't want to use the "christmas" part because I already have Country Christmas and Christmas Memories. As far as the Cozy Home goes...it smells like Apple Cinnamon so I thought maybe i should call it something similar so people realize its an apple cin scent, kwim???

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For Vanilla Bean Noel, I just call it Vanilla Bean ... it's a good seller.

Christmas Splendor ... red or green

Dicken's Christmas

Cozy Christmas

Home for Christmas

Christimas Home

This Old House ... I make mine a chestnut color

Country Home

Kitchen Cupboard

Country Cupboard

Corner Country Store

(Farmhouse Pantry is great!)

Cozy Home ... a golden brown color

Warm Applesauce

Baked Apples

Cinnamon Spiced Apples

Apple Dumplin'

Apple Brown Betty

Apple Pan Dowdy

Amish Apple

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