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question about BCN


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does anyone know if Bitter Creek North still discounts fragrance oils $1 per pound if ordering 5 or more pounds? I ordered over the weekend and got my paypal request for the total...nothing discounted on the oils and the shipping total was higher than my original quote? wth...

of course the office is closed now. just wondering if anyone knows about the $1 off discount? thanks!

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I just checked my last invoice from them in February of this year. It was not reflected in the shopping cart when I checked out, nor in the Paypal payment request. I submitted a question to them about the $1.00 per pound and the 2% shopping cart discount. Never got a response and no discounts were ever reflected in the final bill...so, I'm guessing the answer is No. Hope this helps.

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I think they did away with that awhile back. If they did still have it, the discount should have showed up in your shopping cart when you ordered?

Check your order history online at BCN to see if what you were charged is correct.

Also, I think they say it's a shipping estimate when they give you a shipping total in your cart. That could be the reason you shipping was higher too.

I have no idea about the 2% discount??

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They ended the $1.00 off for buying 5#s and said they adjusted all prices by $1.00 less. Their lowest priced fos are now $12.95 for any quantity. The 2% disc for online orders is gone, but they do let you accumulate points for future deducts.

BCS still has the discount.


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