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Glycerin for bath bombs


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You've got some similar ones I use.

I use significantly more cocoa butter than you do, but I don't have the added oils in there. My cocoa butter is 2 1/2 T.

You could probably increase some of your oils or your butter, but I probably would start off increasing one thing at a time.

And then I would work on compacting your bombs more. Maybe you are. If so, try adding more witch hazel to have damper sand feel.

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Yes and yes. Let's say some have dropped from about waist high and not shattered, crumbled etc. Sometimes though customers have the right squeeze and they break up the bombs.

Your recipe has similar ingredients, but they aren't identical. I haven't had reports of a slick tub with that much CB either or tub rings.

And I use more clay and SLSA than you list as well.

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Okay, I will make 3 more batches and the first batch I will increase the cocoa butter, second batch I will only increase the carrier oil, and the last batch I will only increase the kaolin clay and I will let you know my results. But the two batches that I made a few days ago have hardened but a little crumbly. I will let you know my results friday and also, how do you package your bath bombs wrapped or unwrapped?

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