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12-sided candle jar

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The lids are 2.28 which makes it a total of $7.88 a case and then add shipping. The best deal I have found is SKS is offering free shipping on $250.00 orders. They have a great assortment of jars but the best prices are on the salsa or straight sided jars. I figured that I can get 24 cases of 12 oz jars and lugs and 12 cases of 9 oz with lugs for $277.92 which averages to .64 cents a jar. The no shipping allows for more jars to be purchased. If anyone can find a better deal let me know. You could get 42 cases of 8 oz plain jelly jars with gold lids for $6.00 a case and no shipping if you bought 42 cases. You could go in with a friend and really do nicely. HTH.


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