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Tortoise palm wicking/testing

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...a little bummed. All of my CSN testers (9, 11, 12) blew out on 2nd burn, so I thought I would try a CDN 10 as others have had good success with this, small hole appearing at end of 1st burn (all burns are 3 hours long). I have to say the flame on CDN was more acceptable, but still large. All the CSN testers had torches...which were not acceptable to me. I am tempted to try a CDN 8 and CSN 7. I also have HTP and LX wicks, so may try one of those as well just for kicks and giggles...

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Have you been doing all the testing with the same fragrance oil? It's possible that the FO could be responsible for the less-than-ideal burn. I've discovered more than once that you can lose a lot of time trying to wick for the burn qualities of one misbehaving fragrance. In fact, I experienced that big time with tortoise shell and the first FO I tried. I did way too much wick testing with that one.

I'm pretty convinced that CSN and tortoise shell are the best possible match. My instinct is that it might be easier to just marry those two and look for compatible, good-burning FOs for them to adopt.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I have been using CS's Bayberry (which I love) for all 4 of my testers. I know I am not testing a large quantity, but I like to see what one does before adjusting to a new wick. I will try a different FO next. Do you find the

oils you need to wick up on in soy do better or worse in palm? I would think better. I mainly use CS FOs.

Thanks for writing up your results in detail. It was very helpful!!

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