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Testing children's soap products


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I've been having a lot of fun working with the M&P soap bases from our local supplier. I have some product ideas that would appeal to adults, but I am also excited about products for kids. Specifically I am thinking about soap crayons (that would write) and soap playdough.

The soap crayons are made from M&P, small amount of FO (made for soap), and a considerable amount of soap pigment (to make them write). All of these items are purchased from the soap supplier.

How much testing should I do before attempting to sell these? I have extremely sensitive skin and I don't mind testing them myself, but I know I'm not representative of everyone's reactions. And I'm happy to hand this to my daughter for her to test. I have lots of friends and neighbors with children but I hate the idea of handing them a product to test, asking, "Mind reporting back if your child breaks out into a rash?" :rolleyes2

Any advice?

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Not sure about Australians laws regarding this... you might need to do some googling, because here in the US we have to adhere to FDA standards for B&B... and childrens products also must adhere to CPSIA guidelines... which requires lead and phthalate testing for anything considered a "toy" or "childrens product" and I'm not sure soap and such would be... but a soap CRAYON might be... its so gray.. its such a gray area that nobody really knows for sure!! But I would spend lots of time looking into it.

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Hi Jonsie I suggest you have a look at NICNAS site before you hand out anything. soap etc is classed as chemical here. There might be some info on Aussie Soap Supplies site not sure. I think there is some accreditation you need to sell. Maybe some Aussie with more experience will chime in HTH


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