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yankee candles on face book

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Yeah tunneling is a huge issue with Yankee's that I've tested.. always seemed ok in the throw department though.

Of course, the throw I take with a grain of salt, there are some customers who think no matter how strong a candle it isnt strong enough, or no matter how mild it is too smelly! Cant keep everyone happy.. especially the bigger you get. Interesting to read though.

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Oh my...have you read it lately? One lady leaving her candle to burn overnight to get a full melt pool and another letting the candle burn 12 hours straight. Are these people nut jobs or are they just the type that would turn around and sue if the same candle burned their house down? I want to write on there that if it takes that long to get a full melt pool then obviously the wick sizing is wrong but I prefer to just keep to myself. If they want to spend their money on junk, let them and when they want quality then they can come find us who work hard testing and perfecting our products.

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