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clamshells in Walgreens....


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Lately, I have seen more and more places carrying clamshells and melters, where they used to just focus on candles. I went into Walgreens yesterday and they had an end-cap display of all kinds of clamshells with what looked like some pretty nice melters, they didn't just have a couple, they had a nice variety to choose from. I didn't check the price on the melters, but the clamshells were going for $2.99. The same company that made the warmers also made the clamshells.

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Our Hobby Lobby started carrying them in the last year and Wally's Card and Party shop are carrying clamshells and melters from Candle Warmers, not sure if I got the name right or not, but I was going to place an order with them for some tart melters.

Just wondering......

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our walmart has them for super cheap... I see them everywhere here, but then again Utah is wickless candle central so its no shock.. tons of scentsy people here so even if its not scentsy, almost everone has a burner from somewhere or another. All craft stores have them, any "home goods" store has them here too. Most gift shops too.. kinda crazy!

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