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Quick question for those of you who offer reed diffusers with EO's. How much information to you put out (either on your website, or with your retail product) about the benefits and risk of each of the EO diffuser oils you provide? There is so much information available, and easily accessible, to consumers that I am wondering how much I should provide and how much I should hope they are collecting for themselves. Since I'm not providing the pure EO's, I'm not too worried about telling people information about internal and external use... except to say not to. My primary concern is with people who have medical conditions or are pregnant - since there seem to be all kinds of EO's they need to avoid. I certainly want my products to only do good, but I fear if I start listing all the issues with utilizing EO's, no one will want to use them.

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None because I'm not licensed to make those claims.

For those you are worried about, I'd just ask them. Most of natural-gone people know the risks of the EOs (I think, but I wouldn't assume it, but at the same time, unless you're licensed, I wouldn't include literature or I'd find an alternate to use.)

At the same time, if you don't find an alternate to use, I'd just let them know when you sell it to them that they should research xx oil as your research has shown xxxx. I guess that's how I would try to handle it.

I use EOs in products and will put the name of the EO(s) used on the label so they are aware of what's in it. However, I can't tell them that lavender EO does this, this, this and this because ... I'm not licensed to do so.

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