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soot with certain FO ?

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Let me throw this out there if you don't mind.

I have been testing the CD wick Vs the CDN . I was away this past weekend and one of the candles my hubby was burning was blacker than black when I returned. It was cherry lemonade with 2 CD wicks. I had another made with CDN and started burning that and it didn't turn black. I burned it a total of 16 hours 4 to 5 hours at a time. I yanked the wicks and stuck in 2 cds today and on the 2nd burn of the day black soot had formed on the wax.( 415)

Now I also am burning 5 other scents with CD and they so far they are fine. They have a ways to go though. Could the citrus in the cherry lemonade give it that extra acid that would make the CDN work better with that scent?



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It's possible, but more than likely it's because your wicks are too big and that's why you are getting all the soot. You don't say what diameter your jar is or what size your wicks are, which would get you a more informed opinion. :cool2:

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Heres the thing . I am not sure what the heck is going on.It is happening to all of them NOW. This is been happening the last month give or take. I have written about it before. I use the elevation jar 16 and 24 oz. 4 inch diameter. I have used the same wax for 4 years(415) but have never been fully pleased with the wicking . that being said I have gone from HTP, CDN and now I am trying the CD. I double wick. The HTP and CDN mushroom the CD are curling better with less mushrooming but now I get this layer of soot on the wax 1/2 way down. When I started this thread it was only the cherry lemonade this round of testing . now it is all of them.

but more than likely it's because your wicks are too big

I would agree with you but I see them and they are not too big. In fact some look great and others look a bit small . Not in the beginning but mid way down the jar the soot layer forms. The jar itself doesn't look as bad as the top of the wax.

I have some CDNs already made and I am starting them today to see if I get the same sootie top. I won't know for days since it isn't in the beginning.

So many people use the CDs so I can't imagine why this is happening to me . I will show a photo later of the wick size and the soot so you can see.

Thanks for you help

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You are not alone in this battle - I'm having the same problem. Candles look great and burns perfect until it gets below the halfway point. Then the black soot shows up on top the wax. It's with every candle I've tested in the last two weeks. I"m not using 415 - I'm using a CBA/C3 blend. I have tried RRD, HTP, CD, CDN, ECO and LX wicks. I'm now testing Performa. I do think mine could have been a bit overwicked. I just got smaller wicks in the RRD and CD's today. So I'll test with them.

I'm about ready to ditch the CBA and test plain C3 and see what I get. I'll wait and see after wick testing the wicks I just rec'd.

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so weird right. All mine too .I am now trying a new test . It may be confusing but this is what I am doing.

Cherry lemonade I know CDN14 doesn't soot or at least it didn't a couple of weeks ago. But it did mushroom . So I am doing one with that and then one with 2 CD14 instead of 12s (12s sooted bad) another with 2 CSN14 and yet another with 2 HTP126. That worked in the past but had mushrooms but no soot . Wish me luck . I would love to hear how you make out as well .

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