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Mineral Makeup


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I want to make my own mineral make up for personal use...I have been doing some research online but I can't decide where to order from...I am looking for a supplier who carries all the supplies needed so I can save on shipping...any good suppliers outhere?

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I second that -- TKB Trading is awesome, plus if you order their Pop colors collection (in powder form), you can also use them for M&P, lotions, and even CP I believe. I just ordered their eyeshadow start up kit with the Pop colors and LOVE it! I also ordered 4oz of their lip balm base, along with some liquid lip colors and tubes. I'm not a big fan of lipstick but absolutely love lip glosses. Haven't played with them yet. Hopefully tonight. You can also use the Pop colors or any of their micas for lipstick/lip gloss. I ordered a few extra micas in colors I like for making glosses and blushes. I also ordered the Hilite sampler and one other sampler, as well as their Pop collection sampler in liquid form for my soaps and lotions. I also recommend the mineral wetliner so you can more easily use the powders as eyeliner.

I honestly have enough micas that I don't think I will need to spend a dime at Bare Minerals for at least 5 years, probably more -- just from their sampler packs. It's seriously so easy that I can't imagine ever paying for a ready-made product again!

I also recently ordered from The Conservatorie. I ordered their Mineral Veil base and their color blend bases in warm and cool so I can make my own powders and foundations (I will probably order their foundation base in a few months after I run out of my Bare Mineral foundation). I know you can make your own bases, but since I don't ever plan to make make up for anyone but me, I figured it was probably more economical to buy a ready made base than buy a lot of each of the ingredients to make my own.


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One more thing -- I think TKB is probably more user friendly than the Conservatorie. I first tried the Conservatorie and was overwhelmed trying to figure it all out. TKB has everything you need to get started, plus easy to follow directions. But the Conservatorie has lots of micas and pigments. I just think you kind of need to have some knowledge about making mineral make up to figure out what you need if you order from them. I do really like the mineral veil base. I easily matched my Bare Mineral veil in a couple of minutes, and it feels almost the same.

Have fun!

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I started wearing Bare Minerals again but the prices are ridiculous...I really like their summer bisque anything that compares to that? I guess I'll start with a kit...

I'm not familiar with the summer bisque. I'm guessing it is a shade? Do you happen to have any of it left? If so, you can try to color match it once you get your micas and pigments. Also, if you don't want to buy a ready-made base, take a close look at the ingredients and then just fiddle with your formulation until you come up with what you like.

The most difficult thing, I think, is to come up with a nice color for foundations and powders, anything skin color, which is why I bought the color blends in warm and cool from the Conservatorie. Otherwise, you have to buy oxides and pigments in reds and blacks and yellows, etc., and mix those in with your base to come up with the right shade. Eyeshadows and blushes and lipsticks, on the other hand, are much easier IMO because you're not trying to match you flesh color. Here's the link to the color bases in case you want it. I don't think TKB Trading has bases like this, but I could be wrong.


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