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Fundraiser Brochure


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For those of you out there who do fundraisers.... Do you have a brochure/flyer that shows your products? I'm trying to find a template that would make it easier to create one as I'm not happy with what I currently offer. I started searching for templates to make the process of creating the brochure a little easier... and then I thought I might check here to see if anyone knows of a good one. Any input would be great!! Thanks in advance!!


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I'm trying now to work my way thru some stuff on Adobe Photoshop, which doesn't really have brochure templates, but does have some collage photo templates which I'm adding text, etc., to. Was so hoping that there would an easy template as doing detail work like that is tough with toddlers running around (helping me type...). But then again, I guess it wouldn't be unique to my candles.

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