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Interesting Bath Bomb


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I use all kinds of things in my bombs. I fill half a bomb loosely then put the item in kind of sticking out a bit and then put the other half on. The only problem I run into is if the item is too big then my bomb has fallen apart after I take it out of the mold.

Not sure about CPSIA laws but wouldn't this be the same as soaps with embedables in them? :confused: When I do sell them I just list that they are a choking hazard. I just assumed if I bought them as a toy then it is ok to use it.




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HAHAHA ! I just realized that the figures were embeded in the bomb ... at first I tought they were the bomb itself ...

I suppose I wasn't really awake when I saw it the first time :laugh2:

But I'm still wondering if it is possible to have bath bombs with more than one color in it or if it won't stick together if you put different layers ... ?

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You can totally do more than one color. I use two and three colors for mine. Just make your bomb powder up, seperate into two bowls, pour in your oil, fragrance and a different color in each one and mix it up well. Just layer your colors in your mold as you go. You can make some really cool patterns with it.

That is as much of my ancient chinese secret as I can tell you but you can check out my colors on my etsy shop. Just scroll to the bottom and look at color changing bath bombs.



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