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lye still good? already read thread from december


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ok, my lye seemed to be caked, but one fairly easy hit to the container and it went back to granules except for a few small chunks which separated with a couple more shakes.

it was in the original container and then the container was inside a zip lock bag.

where does this fall in the good/not good category? opinions needed! i'll be ordering new, but it seems to me the last time i ordered from the lye guy it took a while.

if it seems like a bad idea to count on it, does anyone have a suggestion for a fastest order/delivery place?



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The sodium hydroxide is still good, but it's lower strength because it has absorbed moisture. When you weigh it out, part of the weight will be water instead of NaOH. There's no way to account for that without analyzing it for moisture content, but you can still use it. Your soap will have more residual oil than it would with fresh NaOH. I would probably decrease the lye discount in the calculator to help compensate a little, but probably all will be well even if you don't.

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