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CandleWic Smooth Pillar Blend

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I guess I'm the first.

I poured both pillars and votives. I wicked some as if they were my normal soy and the others as if they were my palm wax.

Here is what I found so far:

1) you should wick as if it was soy

2) CSN (my palm) wicks - snap, crackle and pop which is kind of scary

3) mold release is an issue even for the votives which used a wick pin - I have never had a vegie wax so hard to get out of the mold.

4) the looks are nice - like a hard, glossy soy candle.

I have a few pounds remaining some maybe I'll do some testing instead of just playing around. I'll post what I find.

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I was very disappointed with the batch I got maybe 10 months ago. I used CSN-9 in a 2" pillar, 5% CS Pom Sage, and not only did it spill, but the spills melted a bigger channel in the side than I've ever seen with palm or paraffin. Once it started it just kept getting larger. I don't mind a drip here and there, but IMHO good wax stops after spilling the melt pool.

But, the big problem I have is that it is simply too greasy to use for pillars. Yes, they cohere and come out of the mold, but it's like it never completely solidifies. Hold it in your hand for a while and you could easily make a dent in the side with your thumb.

I even tried it 40% with a 30/30 mix of feather palm and beeswax, and there's still a touch of that greasiness (no fragrance used).

I thought it was just that soy was like that, but I later got some EcoSoya PB. Also used 5% fragrance. Much, much better. It still feels like soy, but the surface isn't oily. 2" pillar LX-18, burned nicely. One drip, but it quit on its own.

If the blend is normally like EcoSoya, then cool, but the bag I have is definitely not. I don't know what to do with it other than mix it with other pillar or container waxes. It burns fine 50/50 with 464 as container wax.

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