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re-melting a palm wax candle.....

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I made a palm wax candle using 50% feather and 50% starburst, using Plumeria at 6%. I wicked with a csn 11 and had a blow out on my second 4 hour burn. I could tell after the first 4 hour burn it was probably going to have a blow-out, it was burning at a faster rate than my other pillars that I was testing.

I want to re-melt it and maybe try either a csn 7 or csn 9. I have never re-melted before, so could someone walk me thru this. Do I weigh the candle and then add wax to make up the difference. What about fo? I would like to get it back to its original state as much as possible, so I can do a thorough test.

For those of you who re-melt, how do you re-make your candles? I hope this doesn't sound too STUPID!




Need to add that this is a 3X3 1/2" pillar.


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