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Need to try palm wax too!!

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I need to pour some soy tonight for a show, but if I am up for it, I am going to try some GG from CS. I have done a few previous testers late last year, so here are my specs/best guess for my latest experiment:

12 oz status jar

Jack frost

6% FP pp

CD 12

HTP 105

Heat to 200 with dye chips

Add FO

Pour at 185-195

Cool with wire rack and styrofoam cooler on top

Tried CD14 and CSN 14 and seemed too hot with huge flame

I will post pics as soon as I can. Funny...re drink/beer. My hubby is a home brewer and we have a kegerator. Maybe I will post some pics of that too.

Happy testing!!

Mama Turtle

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Got my wax today, and poured two testers tonight wicked CSN 12 & 14, 3 in straight sided tumbler, and 1 oz CS Very Vanilla. :yay::yay::yay:

Everything seemed like it went so fast! My wicks weren't sticking very well to the bottom of the jars, but I said screw it, and poured them anyway. I decided to warm my jars in the microwave.......then realized THAT wasn't such a good idea when I saw the metal tabs start sparking! Oops!

So then, finally got my jars situated, looked over, and the wax had cooled to 175. Crap! Got it warmed back up and finally poured the jars.

Now I'm impatiently waiting for them to cool off so I can see what my patterns look like. I poured both at 190, left one out in open, and put one under box to see how that affects things.

Wish me luck!

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Ok. Just poured mine as well. My temp also dropped down to 175 and I just poured it anyway to see what would happen. I think I may get horizantal lines instead of a nice pattern..they are resting nicely under a cooler and I will peak tomorrow.

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