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For the OLD timers --- Astrolite Q

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Astrolite Q is a veggie container wax that Peaks used to sell a few years ago; i bought mine in 2005 or 2006, which i am just now getting around to using. Based on its crytallization effect, i'm assuming it's a type of palm wax.

I've attempted to do a bit of online research here to find out in general where to start my wicking tests. Based on the info provided BELOW, am i anywhere close to a good starting point?

(1) I'm using the 9oz hex jars (actually holds 7oz wax), h = 3" (not including screw neck), min D = 2.5", max D = 3" (i never know how to figure diameter for anything other than a circle, lol).

(2) I'm also using Peaks Sage & lemongrass FO @ a 5% load.

(3) Wicks under consideration are:

cotton core 80,

HTP 1312,

LX 30, &

RRD 50.

Wick sizes were selected based on the notion that we need to wick up when using the more viscous waxes such as veggie/palm. Then i got to thinking, maybe some of these (i.e. HTP?) are already made for the viscous waxes & I shouldn't wick up. bottom line is, i'm horribly confused & could use some experienced advice.

Thanks in advance for your time & consideration of my "problem".

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I played with that wax over a year ago, don't remember what I wicked it with though. Knowing what I know now about Palm I think those wicks are to big for that jar. If it were me I would put a CD wick or CSN. But if those are the choices I'm going between an LX 22-24 or HTP 105 an those might even be to big. I do like the LX wicks in palm sooo maybe start with the 22.

What FO are you using, and are you going to poke relief holes? That is a must do. Good luck and let us know how it goes.(pictures would be nice).

Where in Colorado are you?

Sorry I see your FO Good choice

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I would go with the LX as well. Maybe a 20 or 22.

I tend to got to ECO wicks for palm container waxes. I haven't used that particular wax in a while but off the top of my head I think I used an ECO 10 or 12 in 8 oz hex jars. It had some hang up but it resolved itself by the time it got to the bottom of the jar.

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That is pretty much all I use in palm containers and they have worked well for me. They tend to have a little higher flame for the first 15 mins or so until they get a little bit of a melt pool to draw from then they settle in nicely. The only time I had an issue with a tiny flame was when I way underwicked them.

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